The demands of today’s work environment are placing stress on employees, and the resulting increases in rates of anxiety and depression are leading to reduced productivity, lower morale, and employee absenteeism. Offering yoga during the workday has proven to be one of the most effective ways to support employees: it helps them to destress, refresh and refocus.

Yoga’s many benefits include improved strength, flexibility, balance and postural alignment.  In a work setting, yoga adds dimensions such as improved energy, heightened creativity and enhanced focus, leading to increased productivity.

There is conclusive evidence supporting the fact that offering even one yoga session a week helps employees to manage stress better, enhances clarity and creative thinking, improves communication skills, cultivates leadership and teamwork, and increases overall effectiveness in the workplace.

How it works

Our corporate Hatha Yoga classes are 45-60 minutes long and take place at your Ottawa, Kanata or Lanark County office over lunch hour, before or after work, or during the work day. Employees bring their own yoga mats, and you provide the space to set them up.

We provide a certified instructor, music, and Hatha Yoga based classes that can accommodate students of all levels and physical abilities.


Up to and including 20 students: $80 per class

Over 20 students: $95 per class